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Right now, I’m thinking that maybe the iPad Mini wasn’t overpriced. I say that because they managed to move 3 million of those dumb little devices over the weekend, probably causing the execs of Amazon to shake their fists at the sky and wonder why people are overpaying for an Apple product when the Kindle is $140 cheaper and, by all accounts, more technically advanced.

Oh well. The rule, as always, is that Apple runs the universe, and we’ll all learn how to deal with it. Get more info on Apple phones here.


For me, this list would probably include “Every Video Game Ever,” but I realize that not everyone is THAT bad at video games. Though Castelvania is definitely NOT the hardest game ever. That one was beatable. I would think that Goldeneye on 007 would be king.

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Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account is probably tired of hearing about Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney, and I don’t think we’ve ruled out crying about it until people stop. Fortunately, the campaign is just a couple days away, so everyone will shut up soon. I hope.


‘Happy Halloween’ Dumper

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I’m completely aware that hurricane Sandy is dangerous, as all storms are. I’m also aware that, at the very least, it’s very inconvenient to millions of people. That said, social media has made me jealous of all the people that get to light candles, get drunk, and miss work. I want to be those people. But I’m on the west coast, where the weather is really nice. It’s terrible. And it makes me feel terrible. I blame Mark Zuckerberg.


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