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Yet another teacher has victimized a helpless young 13 year old boy.  This time it’s Pamela Rogers of Tennessee.  This poor kid was victimized by a Stacey Keibler look-a-like and will never be able to watch pro wrestling or dancing with the stars again.  It’s seems that Ms. Rogers enjoyed making her love affair public with the community. See Pamela Rogers’ myspace profile here (msbasketball23).  Read more at and


Bill Clinton is Well Hung

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Props to the New York Post for easily the best newspaper front page of 2006.  It’s only April, and I don’t see how anyone can beat this out.





Beware, December 21, 2012…it’s coming, and Darren Daulton says it will be the end of the world as we know it.  In a candid interview on ESPN, Daulton did nothing short of explain to the public how crazy he is.

So how did this happen?  Well it started out when he broke down in tears after a game in which he drove in the winning run for the Marlins, and proclaimed to his wife (former Hooters girl and Playboy Centerfold Nicole) that he “didn’t hit the ball”, it was some other force!  From that day forward Daulton has spun out of control with his belief in the “metaphysical world”, complete with several arrests in during his retirement.

It will only be a matter of time before he is making public appearances with Tom Cruise on Oprah, and jumping on couches.  But for now, this is just plain pathetic.  John Kruk should step in and intervene.  Perhaps they could bond by growing mullets together.  Better yet, throw Mitch Williams back into the mix.  Maybe it was Wild Thing that kept Dutch in check all those years?

So this leads us to what else?  The top sports mullets of all time!  On to the list. (more…)