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Jimmy Johnson aka buttercup1105

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Leanne Tweeden

Every wonder what it’s like to be a retired football coach?  If you’re Jimmy Johnson I guess it means a lot of fishing and hanging out with Terry Bradshaw, Bill Belichick, and Leanne Tweeden.

The most disturbing thing is Jimmy’s webshots username???? buttercup1105, was Sally1105 already taken?

With a little bit of google research, it turns out that buttercup stems from his Teacup Yorkie named Buttercup, who he’d put in the dog hall of fame with Lassie and Rin Tin Tin.

Also, be sure to checkout his friend’s mlb2992 album


Don Chavez’s 2006 Kentucky Derby Picks

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132nd Kentucky Derby

The moment you have all been waiting for, my picks for the 132nd Kentucky Derby.  

1.  Showing Up- Should be about 5 lengths off the leaders and continue to run on.

2.  Point Determined- Will continue to progess, and benefit from the added distance.

3.  Steppenwolfer- Everyone will have this guy in the 3 or 4 spot, I think his late kick will put him in the money.

4.  Cause to Believe-  About 1 hour ago, I was going to pick him to win, but I’d rather have him in the 4th spot.  Hasn’t faced the best fields, but he has the ability to rate off of a fast pace and to kick in down the stretch.

I’m sure you’re wondering about Lawyer Ron, Barbaro, Sweetnorthernsaint, and Brother Derek.  How could I leave them out?  I think they are great horses, but I think they might be too aggresive.  They all have the same running style, and they are all fast horses, so I figure there are two scenarios…they all finish in the top four spots, or they tire each other out and fade in the stretch, with one of them possibly holding on for some of the top money.