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Peter McNeeley


Just 3 months after I stumbled upon the website of Hurricane Peter McNeeley, this gem popped up in the Boston Globe.

Peter McNeeley has been arrested for attempting to rob a Walgreens drug store in Stoughton, Massachusetts.  Once he and his counterpart, Robert Perry, were caught- police discovered that the two men had only made away with $180!  I only wonder if McNeeley’s getaway lasted longer than his 89 seconds with Mike Tyson.



Pletcher calls for a Triple Crown bonus

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$$$$$$$$$$The bloodhorse quoted Trainer Todd Pletcher saying “There is very little incentive for anybody besides the (Kentucky) Derby (gr.1) winner to run back in the Preakness (gr. 1).  The Triple Crown has to take a hard look at whats going on here.”

I decided to pull out the old Racing Almanac and see what the previous Triple Crown bonus structure had been.  From 1987-1993, a $1M bonus was paid to the horse with the best overall performance in all three of the Triple Crown races.  The bonus winner was determined through a point system that gave 10 pts for 1st, 5 pts for 2nd, 3 pts for 3rd, and 1 pt for 4th.  This bonus was originally sponsored by Chrysler, until they withdrew their spnsoreship in 1993.

In 1998, Visa stepped up to the plate and sponsored a $5M bonus for a Triple Crown sweep, until last year when they did not renew their sponsorship contract.  Obviously, nobody was able to cash in on this bonus.

The sweep bonus would have been great for the connections if their horse had accomplished it, but it didn’t offer any incentive.  The accomplishment of winning the Triple Crown offers enough incentive on it’s own for the Kentucky Derby winner to continue on to the Preakness, and then to the Belmont if they can complete the sweep.

So why not bring back the point system, but with a $5M bonus?  This truely gives incentive to every Kentucky Derby entrant to move onto the next leg.  Without it, the connections look towards a Summer campaign for their horse, and the public looks for a baseball game to watch.


Woman gives birth to a horse

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I’m sorry, but even if I spoke Japanese I don’t think this would make sense? I suppose it’s better than an elephant.



Steven Crist’s new book Exotic Betting

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Exotic Betting

For all of the cappers out there, Steven Crist’s new book Exotic Betting:  How to Make the Multihorse, Multirace Bets that Win Racing’s Biggest Payoffs is set to be released.  It’s available at for $24.95, but Amazon is selling it for $15.72!

Crist is quoted saying “This is not a book about how to pick winners at the racetrack”.  Even if you don’t agree with Crist’s methods, it sure to be a great read with his sense of humor and countless tales from the track.

Click on the picture above to purchase the book at a discount price from Amazon.

Post # Horse ML Odds
1 Platinum Couple 30-1
2 Sunriver 4-1
3 Hemingway’s Key 15-1
4 Bob and John 5-1
5 High Finance 12-1
6 Oh So Awesome 20-1
7 Deputy Glitters 15-1
8 Jazil 10-1
9 Bluegrass Cat 3-1
10 Double Galore 30-1
11 Steppenwolfer 9-2
12 Sacred Light 15-1