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Oprah vs Walken in 2008

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walken oprah

Who will you vote for in 2008? Oprah or Walken? Both have a cult following for them to make a run for President. Both sides have websites, where the store consists of nothing but crazy for sale. Based on the websites alone, I’m throwing my support towards Walken.

Oprah for President

Walken for President


Gnomey the Lost Garden Gnome Attends Steelers Game

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Gnomey attends the Steelers Game

Last Spring, Allen Snyder’s garden gnome disappeared from his yard. Apparently Snyder has received three letters from Gnomey, who recently attended the Pittsburgh Steelers home opener, and in a second letter requested bail money (which was accompanied by photos of him in a police cruiser). Travelocity has come to the rescue and sent their “roaming gnome” as a replacement, but one can only wonder if they are behind Gnomey’s disappearance.

I had a similar plight years ago when a plastic snowman was stolen from my frontlawn during the Christmas season. I filed a police report stating that “a very caucasian plastic snowman was stolen”, yet I never had the luxury of receiving letters from him.

Yahoo News- Man’s lost gnome attends Steelers game


During college, exercise consisted of watching the women of ESPN’s Bodyshaping, Fitness Beach, and Kiana Tom’s Flex Appeal exercise throughout the morning while nursing a hangover. The cast on these shows rotated, but the main core consisted of Kiana Tom, Jennifer Dempster, Page Langton, Kathy Derry, Deprise Brescia, the overaged Mary Jean Traetta, Shawnae Jebbia, and Leeann Tweeden. Out of the group, Kiana Tom made headlines after posing for Playboy, and Tweeden has gone on to become a frat house name. The rest faded away, although Kathy Derry keeps a website.

So my question to you is this…who was your favorite ESPN fitness girl? Unless you went to college between 1995 and 2002, chances are you never saw the show since it was on in the morning when most people are at work. Or did you prefer Denise Austin over the girls of ESPN?

The shows no longer air (to my knowledge), but there still is a bodyshaping website and swimsuit gallery.

Here’s some evidence why someone might say that Shawnae Jebbia was their favorite. It’s a clip from a thong contest, and it is undoubtably her as she says her name during the interview.

Denise Austin

Update: Well it seems the video has been pulled from youtube, however Shawnae has submitted a video to become a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.



Chinese Man Has Weiner Transplant Reversed

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Yes this is true, and probably the strangest story of the year. A 44 year-old man in Guangzhou, China suffered damage to his penis during a traumatic accident received a penis transplant from the body of a brain dead 22-year-old. The surgery occured 8 months after the accident, due to the fact that the man could not urinate properly or have intercourse. Two weeks after the surgery, the man had the transplant removed as it had a significant psychological affect on his wife.

So what happens to the 22 year-old if he pulls a miraculous recovery and wakes up to find out his parents gave away his “unit”? It would be like something right out of an SNL skit.

Read the full story at Yahoo! News


Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested

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Dog the Bounty Hunter arrestedDuane “Dog” Chapman has been arrested after illegally arresting a wanted fugitive who had fled to Mexico.  U.S. Marshals stormed Chapman’s home in Hawaii while he was sleeping and cuffed him before hauling him off to jail.  Apparently, the Marshals did this at the request of the Mexican government (because bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico), and then proceeded to arrest his brother Tim Chapman and his son Leeeeeeeeeland Chapman.  All three gentleman are now in custody and behind bars awaiting a judicial hearing to determine if they will be extradited to Mexico…on a misdemeanor, which from an interview on MSNBC seems impossible.  Keep in mind that the man Chapman arrested was a three time rapist who is now behind bars thanks to Chapman.

According to an interview of Chapman’s wife Beth, conducted by the husky Rita Crosby, a crew of 12 U.S. Marshals broke through the front door during the arrest.  You can view the full interview here.