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Is this Dirk or Bill Walton announcing? Dirk, don’t worry about it, you suck at announcing. I smell a German rap album from DJ Dirky Dirk dropping in the Fall of ’08.

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Sports By Brooks Girls

That’s right, our F-list/cup flasher is none other than Jackie (#1). Over the years she’s developed a following after someone discovered her webshots photo album. Soon the message boards were buzzing about “Wildjax11″ so she pulled down most of her photos.

Fast forward a few years later, and someone happens upon a clip of her flashing for a few sets of beads and posts it on the Internet. Was that all it took, a few sets of beads?

Enough of my bullshit. After the break a brief pictorial history of Jackie and the 30 second movie that you’ve been waiting for.



Bruce Pearl

We all knew Bruce Pearl was into the ladies when he got too close for comfort with Erin Andrews in a post-game interview. But did anyone ever stop to think that the there might be some cougars in training that want a piece of Bruce Pearl?

Judging by these pictures, these girls either a) want a piece of Pearl so bad that in his absence a cardboard cutout would have to make do, b) had some sort of a hot tub tryst with Pearl and wanted to relive it, or c) wanted an excuse to rub up against each other in a hot tub.

Bruce PearlBruce PearlBruce PearlBruce PearlBruce PearlBruce PearlBruce PearlBruce PearlBruce PearlBruce PearlBruce Pearl


Hot or Not 1 Revealed

Posted by Don Chavez in Babes

Maryland Bikini

I’m going to have to go with NOT on this one, unless I happen to be in Atlantic City celebrating brown paper bag day. Props to the University of Maryland though, they seem to do a great job of recruiting busty co-eds. I’m assuming they require a waist-up photo with all female applications.

Drop your vote in the star ratings at the bottom of this post. Give her 5 stars if you think she’s hot.

Maryland BikiniMaryland BikiniMaryland BikiniMaryland BikiniMaryland BikiniMaryland Bikini


Little Hillary

Posted by Don Chavez in Entertainment

Hillary Clinton has hit an all time low. Check out this video her campaign just released…

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