DJ Strawberry’s Girlfriend

This is like the perfect storm of blog posts. We have Phoenix Suns guard D.J. Strawberry, the son of Daryl Strawberry and his Univertitty of Maryland ex-cheerleader girlfriend Nicole Peterson. Let’s cut to the chase, nobody gives a damn about D.J. or what he’s doing. He’s on the Suns roster and staying out of trouble I guess.

Nicole on the other hand is nothing but trouble. Not the kind of trouble where she goes out, gets drunk and wakes up the next morning to find out she posted a bunch of racy pics on her myspace profile. I’m talking about the kind of trouble that involves a guy getting punched in the jaw by his old lady because he was staring.

Trust me when I say that there is plenty of her to go around. To get you started, I’ve posted some of her pictures below. Also you can check out her Myspace and Photobucket accounts. These pics are semi-safe for work. No nudity, but plenty of bikini shots after the break.

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