Sexy red sox girls

The website has been passed around the Internet like a $2 whore today, and I felt obliged to contribute because I’m a Sox fan and I like to write about disgusting chicks. Obviously, this is a match made in heaven right?

The premise is simple. Women who are Red Sox fans dress up in their sexiest Red Sox outfit, take pictures, send them into Fat guys from Saugus log onto the site, crank one out, and rank the girls on a sock scale. There are many ways I could go with this sock bit, but I’ll just leave it as a way for the site designer to incorporate the Red Sox logo. The end result is pure disappointment, as they couldn’t muster to find one unbelievably hot chick to post on the site.

I can honestly say that one thing I do enjoy about this site is the Q & A’s posted by each girl. For instance, Tara, from the beautiful city of Fall River, writes

Well the name is Tara Leigh and i’m 21 years old. I keep busy by working 2 jobs and I have the most amazing friends that put up with me day in and day out which I consider to be a passion of mine. One hobby that I have is attending local wrestling shows.

Tara sounds like a bucket of fun. On top of attending local wrestling shows, she doesn’t drink, and her friends have to work hard to put up with her shit. There is no doubt in my mind that the gentleman are lining up outside her door.

Sexy Sox Girls

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