An invasion of thousands of British students at a small Spanish resort for a sports tournament has left locals reeling from their drunken antics.

Students from 37 universities including the London School of Economics, Manchester University and King’s College London, descended on the town of Calella to compete in games including netball, hockey and lacrosse.

But so many spent their days drinking instead of competing that locals said the tournament was more about being drunk than sport.

Andrew Hammond, 23, of Derby University’s American football team, admitted he and the team never went to play sport.

“I just went for the crack,” he said. “We drank but we were well-behaved.

Foreign beaches, clown suits, nipple pinching, girl/girl action and beer? Where do I sign up? I went digging for more pictures from CalellaFest, and hit the jack pot. The Daily Mail’s article is no exaggeration, but someone should tell the Brit’s that there’s no need to pretend that you’re there to play sports. On this side of the pond we do the same thing, minus the clown outfits (sometimes) and call it Spring Break.

Daily Mail


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