Usually when you hear the phrase, “naked women’s basketball player”, you cringed. I don’t think that’s the case in this instance.

The Purple Eagle (this story could only be better if she played for South Carolina) in question is Danie Mosca. Looking at her profile photo from the 2005-2006 season, it looks like we have a match (check out the Niagra Basketball schedule in the background of the pictures below).

From Toni Smalley’s player journal:

Danie was always there for me as well. She is such a strong person and stands up for her friends and doesn’t let anyone put herself or any of us down. I love her for that. She is going to Med school, and I wish her luck! She is so funny. We call her “The Cat”, because when she gets in ‘cat mode’ she runs around pulling pranks on people, and hiding behind stuff jumping out at us and yelling gibberish. She’s awesome!

Toni, I’m glad to know that you thought Danie was known as “The Cat” because she pulls pranks on people. In reality it was because she likes to show her kitty to the camera.

Thanks to 289 for the tip.
View the uncensored pics here
Niagra University Hoops

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