Starting New England Patriots offensive lineman Nicholas Kaczur was arrested in April on a charge of illegal possession of prescription painkillers and then secretly cooperated with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration in a sting operation that resulted in the indictment of his alleged drug supplier, according to a lawyer and two people briefed on the investigation.

Kaczur – a 28-year-old, 315-pound offensive tackle – wore a hidden recording device during three different drug transactions in May at gas stations in Foxborough and North Attleborough and a supermarket parking lot in Sharon, according to the lawyer, the two people, and federal court documents. At each of the three transactions, Kaczur paid $3,900 in cash to buy 100 OxyContin pills, a potent prescription pain reliever.

Cue Arlen Spector to demand that the Patriots forfeit every game Kaczur played in during the 2007-2008 season…

Grossberg said that, according to DEA documents presented to him before the indictment, Kaczur said he had begun buying OxyContin in November 2007 and purchased 100 pills every few days, paying tens of thousands of dollars over time.

In case you are too lazy to read the full article, Nick Kaczur was busted for speeding and they found Oxy in his car. I’m not talking about Oxyclean, or any other Oxy product sold by that fat bearded guy that yells in the commercials like he’s the white Stephen A. Smith. I’m talking about oxycodone.

Kaczur then cut a deal with the Feds to help bust his dealer, which would hopefully lead to the Kingpin, but the dealer has decided to keep his mouth shut. It’s likely he’ll be spending the next decade or so trying to keep other body parts shut as well.

This is just the type of shit that New England Patriots season ticket holders must love. The Kraft organization raises ticket prices for the second time since building Gillette Stadium, and now the castle has started to crumble.

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