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When did Michael Rapaport become a dancer?


1) Never take digital pictures of yourself and email them to your boyfriend.

2) Always wear clean underwear to the big game. Those skirts leave nothing to the imagination.

3) Always stand to the side of the banner as the football team runs through it (see video below).

Cheerleader Run Over By Linebacker – Watch more free videos


Is it just me, or did Manny Ramirez just pull the all-time greatest real world “Office Space”?


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If you don’t include the Swazi Observer in your rotation of daily internet digests, let me be the first to tell you that you’re missing out. Not only is the commentary insightful and in broken English (just like most blogs), but they have a knack for nailing the hot topics. Like cheerleading.

Let’s see what the Swazi Observer thinks you need to know about cheerleaders.

A cheerleader is someone who entertains spectators and athletes at games through choreographed athletic moves.

The idea originated in the United States of America. For most girl’s where this sport is more popular it is every girls dream to be in the cheerleader team. You can have about 20 girls who make up teams of within that number.

Damn straight my friend! It’s every girls dream to become a cheerleader, get hammered, take slutty pictures and then end up on this website.

Our cheerleaders will be well groomed and professionally choreographed individuals who will at all times represent the PLS brand.

One of the auditioned girls at the weekend mentioned that they took part because they wanted to have fun and basically do something different with their lives. She further mentioned that cheerleading can keep you occupied and you get to travel a lot and meet new people thus boosting one’s confidence.

Is there any doubt that the Swazis know what they’re talking about? The first qualification is well groomed! I don’t know who’s running these cheerleading tryouts, but they’d make a great cheerleading coach at one of our fine American universities.