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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are making headlines again. Unfortunately, this time it’s not for NSFW cheerleader photos, but for probably the worst touchdown celebration since the invention of the forward pass.

That’s right, add “duck, duck, goose” to your list of touchdown celebrations that should never have happened.


Gone Poon Huntin’

Posted by Don Chavez in Babes


This is a clip for the now defunct show “I’m With Busey”. Gary Busey’s problems aside, why the hell is this not still on the air?

In this scene Gary is determined to help the environment by butt plugging cows to help eliminate their production of methane gas. He goes raw dawg with a cork on a bovine anus and I’m 99% sure he legitimately thought he was doing his part to help out Mother Earth. The show might have been staged, in Busey’s mind this was real.

Utah, get me two!


Porn Star Or Celebrity?

Posted by Don Chavez in Babes

How well do you know this cleavage? Is it a porn star or a celebrity? Click to find out.


When I saw these pictures, it got me wondering. When is Jennifer Aniston finally going to gear down for Hef? She’s not getting any younger, and still in her prime. Bikini shots are nice and all, but let’s get down to brass tacks here. We’re not interested in these pictures because we want to know if she had chicken salad or PB and J for lunch.

Hef, if you have an ounce of pussy power left in the decrepit pinky of yours, you’ll make this happen.