Hopefully this will be the first of many submissions I receive this football season. If you think you have the “Ultimate Tailgate Vehicle” then shoot me an email and maybe, just maybe, I’ll feature you, your drunk friends, and your beast of vehicle on my website. Probably the easiest way on here is to take a picture of you and your crew holding a DonChavez.com sign at your tailgate.

So on to our first submission, nicknamed “The Klink”…


Here a few more pictures of the RV. I’m glad you like it.

I’m half owner with my good buddy Mike Dinger. We both now live in Northern Virginia, but are Pittsburgh natives born and raised. The RV stays in Pittsburgh for the most part but has made the trip down to Landover to see the Stillers open a can of whoop ass on the Washington Redskins. We make it to about 4 home games + 1 away game a year. This year we are headed to Jacksonville affectionately known as “Jacksonburgh” do to the large amount of Pittsburgh transplants that inhabit the area.

It all started when we were both tailgating out of the back of his Hyundia Sonata in the fall of 2006 at he Steelers home opener vs. the New Orleans Saints. When one of these bad ass machines pulled into the parking lot. We both knew at the point that next year that would be us.

We spent all off season searching for the perfect tailgate machine. We found her on craigslist completely original. We took her home and with the help of a few cases of Iron City beer and a few gallons of paint she became the ultimate Steelers tail gate vehicle in the summer of 2007.

She is a 1978 Ford Coachman Lepercan motor coach. She is powered by a Ford 460 power plant that gets a whooping 7 mpg. She is equipped with a fully working bathroom w/shower, full kitchen, refrigerator, heat, and A/C. There is a I.C. light beer tap is mounted on the out side. The draft system is a work in progress.

We named her “The Klinkstonion” I can’t recall exactly how we came up with the name. It was a long night of hanging out with family, and a few cases of beer later wa la, we wanted a name that sounded like it had a bit of class to it. It sounds like a 5 star hotel. We call her “Klink” for short.

A typical tailgate in the City of Pittsburgh begins at the break of dawn. Your usually still slightly drunk from the pep rally the night before. A group of about 12-15 die hard stiller fans all converge at the “Klink” around 7:30am. We load all the coolers and grills and head about 7 miles south to the parking lot located on the “North Side” The parking lot is located only about a beer and a half walk from the Stadium.

On the menu of a normal Klinkstonion tailgate are TD’s famous wings, and potato salad, Joe’s perogies, brats,burgers, and dogs. The drink of choice is I.C. Light we buy it buy the truck load. There is usually a bloody marry thrown into the mix as well somewhere down the line.

I don’t have a website devoted to the Klinkstonion but I do have a myspace page with plenty of tailgate pictures on it.

I also have a short video on youtube.com of the Klinkstonion.

Thank you for interest in our Ultimate Tailgate Vehicle. We are very proud of her. We are headed to the Steelers home opener this Sunday Sept 7th vs. the Houston Texans. I have two large “Fat Head” decals that are going on this weekend. I will also have plenty of pictures of the festivities.

Thanks again I hope to see her on donchavez.com soon!

Go Steelers!

Joe Hickey

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