Limited edition collectible commemorating the Celtics run at their 17th NBA Championship
Only 8 pairs per game produced, each pair size 15, just like KG wears
Each shoe is adorned with KG’s personal tribute to pals Malik Sealy and Kirby Puckett
100% of all net proceeds are donated to NBA Cares community partners in the Boston area
$1017 SRP commemorates the Celtics’ drive for Banner #17!

That’s right, for only $1,017 you can own a sneaker. Normally I wouldn’t be interested, but since they raised the price to $1,017 to commemorate banner #17 (get it, an extra $17 for the 17th banner) I think I might try and sell some ad space on this here blog so that I can have a piece of history.

The real news here is that KG only wears a size 15. What’s up with that? The dude is 6′ 11″, he should be sporting an 18 or something grotesque like that. One of the few rules that I have is never trust anyone over 6′ 10″ that wears under a size 16 shoe. That goes for waiters, cab drivers, street vendors, and NBA basketball players.

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