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There is only one way for me to do justice to these photos, and that is with individual commentary. So grab yourself a cup of coffee, the fat ass of your secretary, and click below to relive a night in the life of Freddie Mitchell.



This old lady got tackled by the ghost of Terrence Tate, and I’m laughing my ass off. I’m a dick.

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Stewie rules the world – Mac Gs World
Anne Hathaway aka Miss Butterface – Derober
Trick or Treat 2008 style – BBI
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Jeff Kent donated $15k to stop gay marriage – Epic Carnival

Crystal looks okay, if you’re into that whole hot chicks thing. – Next Round
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Why three? Because I scoured the Internet for two hours on company time and this was all I could come up with.

3 – Total Failure

F for execution, and just a piss poor idea. Everyone knows that you wait until the victim is nearby so that when you scare them they punch you in the mouth.

2 – Tyrone is going trick or treating

This guy is going trick or treating, and he’s going to beat the shit out of any ghost or goblin that comes near him.

1 – Stone cold crushed it

I’ve never seen a man so jumpy on a front porch, and you’ll never see this guy try a Halloween prank again.

Bonus – The Newsroom

This one was too good to leave out. How the hell do you get scared by something in a newsroom?