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Well, I couldn’t let today go by without make my traditional Face Plant Friday post. This clip is pretty solid, and I debated saving it for another day, given that right now most of my readers are probably elbow deep in a pile of left over bird and mashed potatoes.

Speaking of which, I think I’m due for another Turkey and Baconaisse sandwich followed by a nap.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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How To Cook A Turkey

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Forget ovens and deep frying. Just use Thermite and you’ll be done in about 30 seconds.


Looks like Bruce Pearl is now dabbling in the hair salon business…


Kim Shrigley started a new chapter in her life Tuesday with the opening of Alimony’s Hair & Nail Salon.

She funded the new business with money from her divorce from Bruce Pearl, the University of Tennessee men’s basketball coach.

The name is aggressive, Shrigley said. But, “It’s mine.”

The business’s name, Alimony’s, is written on the store front with green cursive and a red heart on top of the “i.”

“The heart up there is to be that extra pain in the ass,” she said with a laugh.

She acknowledged that people will likely associate her with her marriage to and divorce from Pearl. Her former husband, who will earn $1.6 million this season as coach of the men’s basketball team, filed for divorce in September 2007.

But “If I can turn that negative into a positive, I can use that for a little while,” she said.

A 15 percent discount is offered to clients who receive alimony. No divorce papers are needed for proof, she said.

You know who I feel bad for in this situation? No it’s not Bruce Pearl, and it’s not his ex-wife. It’s Bubby Browning (see video below). Not only has this man chosen hair stylist as his career, but now he has to do his job while listening to a bunch of disgruntle divorced women all day long.

BTW, if anyone has more pictures of Pearl’s new MILF in training, please send them my way.