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It’s going to be a short day today. If you’re on the East coast your either leaving work in an hour, or your still in bed and wondering how to get rid of that pesky morning wood. For everyone else, here’s some cool links I found on this Internet thing.

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Sexy brides – Uncoached
Sylvie rocks a red bikini – On 205th
Idiots vs fireworks – Totally Crap
BC closes the books on 2008 with a nice gallery – Busted Coverage
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I mean I guess her body is okay, if models are your thing. She’s probably got some weird quirk about her though, like a superfluous third nipple or her second toe is an inch longer than her first toe.

maria louiza vourou

See more of Maria in her naughty undies here.


Michele Marsh and Lucy Pinder

Here’s Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh doing what they do best, looking hot. I guess they’re promoting some product, and if I had to guess it’s got to either be a tube sock company or Jergen’s Lotion.

Just in case you didn’t know, Lucy is the one with the really big cans.

Michele Marsh and Lucy PinderMichele Marsh and Lucy PinderMichele Marsh and Lucy PinderMichele Marsh and Lucy PinderMichele Marsh and Lucy PinderMichele Marsh and Lucy PinderMichele Marsh and Lucy PinderMichele Marsh and Lucy PinderMichele Marsh and Lucy Pinder


Jenn Sterger Goes Potty

Posted by Don Chavez in Babes

jenn sterger

There’s genius behind this photo, because every man dreams of what a chick looks like on the shitter. This photo totally nailed it too, because there’s nothing I love more that a chick sitting on the can doing work while waiting for her morning coffee to kick in.

P.S. I also applaud having a Jets jersey on hand as back up in case you run out of scroll.

P.P.S. This was sarcastic. Hot chicks belong on sandy beaches, pool tables, motorcycles, and pron.


This reporter finds himself in the middle of the world’s greatest Anchorman impersonation, only this is in real life. I mean real life where you get fired over shit like this, can’t get another job, start drinking, the wife kicks you out of the house, your daughter turns to prostitution, and your life is totally ruined.

But I think in this guy’s case, they let it slide. After all, it happens to the best of them, including Olivia Munn once tried to order a McHammer off of the teleprompter.

h/t to Hot Clicks

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