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carmen electra

Carmen Electra made an appearance at last night’s “Leather and Lace” party in Tampa. Unfortunately, I don’t see any leather or lace, and I guess they couldn’t call it the “people who have banged Dennis Rodman” party, because the turnout would have been Carmen Electra and a bunch of shims.

More party pictures later in the day as they start to filter in.

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After collecting over 60,000 signatures on her online petition, Olivia Munn came through (as promised) with a french maid outfit and a giant pie. The outfit could have skimpier, but beggars can’t be choosers, and seeing Olivia on all fours, covered with pudding, was probably enough to drive any geek crazy.


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I guess Yardbarker isn’t big on doing research for their interviews. I mean want exactly were they looking for? Something like “Santonio Holmes cuts the crust off his PB & J sandwiches” or “he bites his toenails”.

How about interviewing Santonio Holmes and asking him how this photo ended up on the internet?


It’s safe to say that this was one of those days when she probably shouldn’t have left the kitchen.

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