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Jennifer Ellison

Is it possible for Jennifer Ellison to get any hotter? Maybe if you put her in my kitchen carrying a plate of Buffalo wings in one hand and a bag of $100 bills in the other hand. Other than that, Jennifer is in peak form.

More pics of Jennifer without Buffalo wings, money, or concealing clothing after the break.




Maybe if Dad gave his little girl a bit more attention growing up, she wouldn’t have turned into a tramp.


Gisele Vanity Fair

I guess there is an article that goes along with these pictures, but if that’s what people were interested in, Vanity Fair would have gone with just one picture. Something toned down, making Gisele look like more like a mortal than a supermodel goddess.

Nope, instead they not only give Costanza some spank material, but they give the housewives something to discuss over their afternoon martinis. Evidently, Gisele thinks of Tom’s son as her own, and basically she is going to steal Bridget Monihan’s baby, adopt a kid from Brazil, and make herself an uber-MILF. Shazam.

Gisele Vanity FairGisele Vanity FairGisele Vanity FairGisele Vanity Fair


ATV Connects With Tree

Posted by Don Chavez in Sports

Hey, at least this guy was wearing a helmet. To protect what, I don’t know. I think it’s obvious that the cameramen were the people with all the brains in this situation, because they happened to catch this crash from two angles.


Tampa Bay Cheerleaders

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a three-year veteran.

It doesn’t matter if you were on the squad last season and you were selected to participate in the NFL’s Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

If you want to be a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders, you have to try out.

“They have a little more to lose if when they’ve already been on the team,” Bucs cheerleading coach Sandy Charboneau said. “There’s a lot of competition.”

More than 300 women attended try-outs today and Saturday at the University of South Florida Sun Dome for one of about 30 spots for the 2009-10 squad, Charboneau said. “They’re vying for a small percentage of women that can be in the NFL.”

300 woman vying for the chance to be hooted and hollered at by shitfaced football fans, and these were the best pictures I could come up with. Considering it’s Tampa Bay, I expected lots more silicone and a lot less clothing.

via Tampa Bay Tribune

Tampa Bay Tribune
Tampa Bay CheerleadersTampa Bay CheerleadersTampa Bay CheerleadersTampa Bay CheerleadersTampa Bay CheerleadersTampa Bay CheerleadersTampa Bay CheerleadersTampa Bay CheerleadersTampa Bay Cheerleaders