euphoria tryouts

Evidently New England was awarded a Lingerie Football League franchise, which has been named the New England Euphoria. 12 unlucky ladies will have to trek there tight asses down to Providence to play 7 on 7 football in front of their coaches and a few homeless people looking to keep warm this Fall.

Here’s a little fun fact for those of you not from New England. There’s only one reason you go to Providence, and it’s not to watch a LFL game. Providence is the titty club capital of New England, and I can’t think of one reason why you would go to Providence and spend your hard earned money on watching a shitty fake game of football when you can go across the street and get some single mother of three give you the VIP treatment for an extra $35.

Regardless of the fact that this franchise is destined to fail, hopefully some of this talent will not be wasted and they’ll later find employment with one of these fine establishments.

See more pictures here and here.

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