Mohammad Malek

Mohammad Malek was 16 years old, and riding his bike home in Afghanistan. He stopped to collect some twigs and had stepped on a land mine. His right leg was blown off. In pain, he tried to make his way back to the road, and again stepped on a land mine. In an instant, he had lost both of his lower legs.

Fast forward to today, an Mohammad is doing fine. He uses prosthetic legs to walk, and believe it or not he surfs. As in, gets in the water without a life jacket and hangs ten better than you or I can. Don’t believe me, check out this video of of him doing a hand stand on his board. All things considered, it’s an amazing thing.

That’s all, I thought I’d share this story with you because I thought it was interesting. Unfortunately, I can’t make fun of amputees unless I’m related to them, and believe it or not I have several mental amputees in my family. Lucky me. Now back to our regularly schedule program of chicks and nut shot videos.

Amputee wants one last surf before he goes – OC Register

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