Yvonne Pampellonne

Yvonne Pampellonne turned herself into police yesterday after stealing someone’s identity and using it to purchase $12k worth of breast implants and cosmetic surgery. The police had issued a warrant for her arrest after the titty factory which performed the surgery became suspicious when she was a no show for her follow up appointments.

I know that would be the first thing that would come to my mind if someone skipped a doctor appointment – they’re a titty thief!

I don’t know what this woman’s deal is, but she’s definitely bat shit crazy. I mean we’re only talking about $12k here. She couldn’t latch onto some terminally ill California real estate mogul for a few months to get that kind of titty upgrade for free?

Part 1 “We’ve issued a warrant for the titties”
Part II – “We found the titties!”
Yvonne PampellonneYvonne Pampellonne

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