Tim Tebow

Having the last name Tebow is like an open invitation for bitches to crawl all over you. Yesterday, I went to pick up a twelve pack of Bud heavies, and there was an old lady in the store in one of those motorized carts. I know the store manager and he said “What have you been up to lately Tebow?” I played along saying “just getting ready to sling the pigskin”.

No joke, this elderly lady got up and out of her motorized scooter and hugged me. She purred like a kitten too, it was fucking weird.

So back to the point of this post. These are pictures from Super Bowl week and they feature Timmy Tebow and his brother Pete. Evidently, Pete loves to play wing man and is a member of the “Gay ass shirt of the month club”. God bless him.

Tim TebowPete TebowPeter Tebow

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