I don’t follow Women’s basketball because it’s the equivalent of having someone trying to sharpen a #2 pencil in your wang while your sleeping.

However, through the good graces of the Bristol Sports Mafia, I was able to catch wind of the fact that some idiot named Courtney Paris, from Oklahoma University had guaranteed a National Championship. So much so, that she banked her entire scholarship on it.

As you might have expected, the way this story goes is that Paris and the Sooners and heading home after losing in the NCAA semi-finals. However, Paris claims that she will still make good on her promise.

“I do make good on the guarantee,” Paris said after the national semifinal game. “Not today, though. Obviously, I don’t have $64,000 waiting, but I do make good on it.”

Let me just say that I hope someone holds Paris to task. I absolutely loath people that make these sort of fictitious bets. That also goes for people that I lose a bet to and then don’t take my money/car/home. I laugh at them because if the roles were reversed I would collect immediately, no questions asked.

Now giving Paris the benefit of the doubt, it will be interesting to see how she pulls this money together. She’s graduating soon, and financial aid is out of the question. The WNBA pays dick, so that doesn’t help much. Public speaking doesn’t seem to be her strong suit, but maybe she could get a gig with gambler’s anonymous?

At the end of the day, we all know that Oklahoma is going to come up with some hub bub about how they can’t take the scholarship back because it means filling out a bunch of paperwork, yada yada yada.

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