Katrina Darrell

I don’t know how she does it, but Katrina Darrell still manages to draw the attention of the cameras and still makes Ryan Seacrest wonder if he might be straight. Just kidding, everyone knows that Seacrest doesn’t have a straight bone in his body – unless you take that sentence literally and apply it to a Saturday night.

Any way, back to Katrina Darrell. These pics are from the topless pool at the Mirage, but someone didn’t read the rules before entering the pool area. I know for a fact that it says, and I quote, “Rule #3: All American Idol contestant named Katrina must sing topless while in the pool area.”.

Now where the hell was security to say “rules are rules”?

More of Seacrest’s worst nightmare after the break.

Katrina DarrellKatrina DarrellKatrina DarrellKatrina DarrellKatrina Darrell

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