This used to be a post containing photos of a woman who played collegiate volleyball. Said volleyball player wanted the photos removed. I think it’s unfair to remove all of the photos just because she thought she was the star of the show. My was she wrong.

“Clucky the Stunt Cock” was the star of this post, and I won’t disrespect his work because of someone’s accusation of fowl play. So I have left you all with one picture of “Clucky the Stunt Cock” doing his thing, and blurred out her face.

If you’re desperate to know who was here, and what the pictures were of, well it should take you long to find them on the various message boards and photo sharing sites where I found them.

A lot of people think photos like the ones that were here are “new” to the Internet. Truth be told, they are not new, it just takes someone with something in between their ears to put two and two together.

So for anyone out there, hoping to pursue a career in amateur smut, I highly recommend that you put your varsity uniform away. Nobody will ever give a shit about you if you’re just some random chick with a penchant for dong. People will peruse and move on. The minute you make yourself relevant (i.e. he you’re a college athlete, actress, politicians daughter) in the photos they spread like wild fire…and trust me, by the time they make it to a fine establishment like this one – they have already been seen by tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people.

P.S. Clucky is a fucking star

Stunt cock

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