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We had lots of fun this week, didn’t we kids? Clearly not as much fun as Janice “Michael Jackson wishes he had his” Dickinson, but we had fun. A few of you showed me that you have a couple of working brain cells, and actually know how to use Google. Better still, you showed me that you know how to use the Big G to find pervy pictures of Texas Tech co-eds doing the naughty. Impressive.

Now before I shut it down for the week (who knows maybe I’ll post over the weekend), I’ll leave you with a few more pics of those Louisville cheerleaders.

Oh, and remember to wrap it. Child support is a bitch.

Louisville CheerleadersLouisville CheerleadersLouisville Cheerleaders


Shauna Sand

There’s something about Shauna Sand that screams NSFW. I mean she could be wrapped in duct tape from the neck down and I’d say that she still looks NSFW.

But hey, who I am kidding? I can’t penisalize penalize Shauna for the fact that she has some serious fake boob salad going on, or the fact that she once married that pussy Lorenzo Lamas. So go ahead and click through. She’s in a super tiny bikini, and if your boss gives you shit, tell him that it’s Friday and he should get laid more often.



Britney Spears hard nips

Britney is making a new music video. She’s not wearing a bra. It was cold out. She kept her vagene away from the paparazzi for once. That is all.

More pics after the break.



Six stitches later, Big Al realized that his career aspirations of become a professional faceplant consultant were about to come true. Well not really, but this is a pretty damn good faceplant. Now if only Big Al was stupid enough not to wear a helmet, we’d have Internet gold.

Bonus Clip!

What the fuck is this kid’s problem? Via Foundry Music


caption this

It’s time for round 2 of the Superfan Coolers caption contest giveaway. In case you missed this last week, you still have time to enter. All you need to do is leave a caption on this photo, and you’re automatically entered. After week four, I will choose the winner and they’ll receive a cooler of the choice (up to $50 in value) from Superfan Coolers.

You can then take that cooler, load it with beer and ice, and throw a big party. Maybe you’ll even get lucky because some girl will get drunk off the beer in your cooler, and they’ll only be two people you can thank for that…me and Superfan Coolers.

Click here to visit Superfan Coolers because they’re rock, then drop your caption in the comment section.