bacon lube

This is one of those moments where I get to see how extreme the readership of actually is. My friends at over at send me periodic emails letting me know what’s new in the world of bacon flavored products. Well yesterday, they happened to send over some information on the Granddaddy of all things bacon flavored besides bacon itself.

Bacon lube.

I know, I’ll wait for you to catch your breath. This fine establishment has developed a bacon flavored personal lubricant that will leave your hog tasting like fried hog. Imagine the pleasure you’ll experience as you are bumping uglies and the room fills with the aroma of fresh cooked bacon. Seriously though, what woman wouldn’t want to make this product part of their sex life?

Below I’ve included some photos of the Bacon Lube intern taste testing Bacon Lube right from the bottle, as well as a video of the incident. But before you go there, Bacon Lube is looking for testers. As in people to use Bacon Lube and give them feedback. If you’d like to participate you can send Justin an email at . If you have a site and participate, I’ll even let you do a guest post about the experience here on my site, and you can link back to your site from it.

bacon lube bacon lube bacon lube

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