Drew Bledsoe

Last I heard of Drew Bledsoe, he was being quoted something along the lines of how he was happy to be retired from the NFL. But what’s a fella to do after he’s hung up his cleats and has outgrown the “stage diving at rock clubs” phase?

The answer is simple, start hocking booze and money.

It was out of random curiosity that I found my way to DrewBledsoe.com and saw that he’s the founder of Doubleback Wine as well as Bledsoe Capital Group. He also founded Parenting with Dignity, which I imagine is something similar to the Human Fund.

It seems like a stark contrast to many former athletes that piss all of their money away, then call up HBO Real Sports looking to make a few bucks from some B.S. interview. Bledsoe actually looks like he knows what he’s doing and seems to have an active role in at least the wine business.

Ya, so that’s about it. Sorry there’s no dick joke in this post. Alright, one quick one. Go ask your co-worker if they know what a dickfor is.

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