poopie prank

BANDERA, Texas — It’s a prank so disgusting, it’s almost unbelievable. Three high school cheerleaders are accused of putting human feces inside a sock then smearing it in another cheerleader’s locker.

The incident happened back in March. But people were talking about it again Wednesday night.

At the time, the girls were given 10 days of in-school suspension. And according to Bandera’s cheerleading agreement, that suspension meant no more cheering. But the parents of those girls are fighting that decision.

Mother, Janice Robinson, said, “She was dismissed from the cheerleading squad and told she could not try out this year. I thought that was a little much.”

I love a good poopie prank just as much as the next guy, but this is where I draw the line. Cheerleaders are destined to go to college, get drunk, take provactive pictures, and end up on this site (don’t believe me? CLICK HERE). What I don’t need though, is a bunch of poo flinging cheerleaders gallivanting around like their shit don’t stink. News flash ladies, your shit does stink and so does your local news station.


Well for starters, what sort of reporter doesn’t find out who shit in the sock. Did the three girls each squeeze out some soft serve from their turd cutters, or did only one of them do it? And how the fuck did they get it in a sock, they must have picked it up and put it there. I know this because I’m friends with some of the finest shitters in the land, men that could lead this country into battle if this country was involved in some sort of a shit storm, and even they would have trouble hitting such a target as a sock.

Now as for the mother who came to her daughter’s defense, I hope someone take a big steaming dump on your desk at work. If you’re unemployed, then I hope someone takes a steaming dump on your coffee table, right where you sit and eat dinner while watching Wheel of Fortune. The fact that you’re able to just brush this off says one thing to me. You’re daughter learned it from watching you. You must be a phenomenal sock shitter, and because of that, the girl in the video below had to suffer at the hand of your teachings.

This story stinks. View the video here.

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