Terry Bradshaw

Life is good for both Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw. Over the weekend, Johnson held a party for the grand opening (really a rebranding) of JJ’s Big Chill down in the Floriday Keys. Terry Bradshaw was in attendance, and so was that lovely POA that made her way into several photos. One can only hope that if there is a romantic connection between Bradshaw and Ms. Boob Salad, that Terry isn’t thinking about heading to the altar, because I don’t think the saying goes “the fourth time’s a charm.”

As for Jimmy Johnson, the man is a freakin’ business machine. He now has a bevy of restaurants/bars, and a residential development in sunny Florida. Yet, somehow the man finds time to go out with friends, knock back a few, and pose for a few pictures wearing a sombrero.

JJ’s Big Chill Grand Opening – Webshots

Terry BradshawTerry Bradshawjimmy johnson jimmy johnson jimmy johnsonjimmy  johnson

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