I know you guys follow the bull fighting circuit pretty closely, but I felt like I needed to share this one. The matador in this video is Isreal Lanco, and you just watched a bull almost puncture his lung. I guess the fact that it almost punctured his lung is the good news, because the bad news is that he appears to be in critical condition.

Here’s what El Mundo has to say about the situation (with a little help from Google translator)…

The prognosis is very grave. El parte facultativo dice textualmente: “Herida por asta de toro con orificio de entrada en hemitórax izquierdo con una trayectoria ascendente de 20 centímetros penetrante en cavidad torácica y orificio de salida en quinto espacio intercostal. Neumotórax y hemotórax. Pronóstico muy grave”. The optional part reads: “Wounded by bull horn entrance hole in the left hemithorax with an upward trend of 20 cm in penetrating thoracic cavity inlet and fifth intercostal space. Pneumothorax and hemothorax. Pronóstico very serious.”

No word on whether the bull was designated for destruction or if it will receive a Nike contract.

Google Translator in full effect – El Mundo

isreal lancho

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