Shilla D'armas

Gentlemen, this is former Florida International University tennis player and model Shilla D’Armas. Some of you may recognize her from season one of ‘Wall Street Warriors’ where she went on a ‘date’ with uber penny stock douchebag Timmay Sykes (Click here to see the video). Upon further research, Shilla and Timmay’s romance over sushi was either just for the cameras or fizzled very quickly, as it appears that she is now the arm candy for Belgian ATP tennis player Xavier Malisse.

Now if you’ll allow me to get side tracked a bit, Xavier is a big fucking baby…

Now it all makes sense. Women love men that whine like babies, so I’ll have to try that this weekend. When the bartender charges me $4.25 for a beer, I’m going to throw a temper tantrum saying that it should be $4.00 and the panties will hit the floor.

Shilla D’Armas’ profile which gives her no justice – FIU
Some nice stalker vidcaps of Shilla watching Xavier play tennis – Pixagogo
Watch Shilla’s date with Timmay – Youtube

After the break, check out Shilla’s high beams.

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