Ed: pics have been removed. So just enjoy the mashing above which is unrelated.

I know mainstream media is struggling to keep up with the fast paced world of blogging and Twittering, but this is getting ridiculous. I mean leaking topless photos of your field personnel? Shame on you. If you want to pull a stunt like this you should hire Paris Hilton or the fat Kardashian girl. No, the other fat Kardashian.

So I guess this one is a homework assignment for the Vezaholics (yes, you finally have a nickname and I expect local chapters or Vezaholics to form in dive bars throughout the country). If anyone lives in Myrtle Beach, email me. I want to know if we’re dealing with someone who was on air talent, or if this is just a coffee runner that’s still on the payroll and likes to snap cell phone photos during her downtime.

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