Tweet Tweet

It was only a matter of time before someone took to the likes of Break with a video series ripping on celebrities on Twitter. I’ve been Twatting for a while now, and I’ve got to say it’s a great way for me to…

  • Get blow by blow updates on the daily routines of pornstars.
  • Get lots of useless marketing advice from people who have never made a penny online. However, they’ve bought plenty of e-books that they’d love resell to me.
  • Spew venom. I don’t think when I use Twitter. I turn the filter off and just post whatever is in my head.
  • Passive aggressively call people twats by referring to them as a “Twatters”.
  • Get unsubstantiated news reports from around the World, then dismiss them as the action of an attention whore who knows how to use hash tags. FYI this a hash tag. # Also, this is a picture of a beaver holding poop.

And I guess that’s it. So ya, it totally makes sense to rip on celebutwatters.

Go watch the video here and you can interact with me on Twatter here.

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