Carmen Electra

I’m pretty sure that Carmen Electra’s boob salad could sell a Philly Cheesesteak to the bat shit crazy president of PETA. I learned that from a homeless guy one time when I was in Atlanta. That’s pretty impressive when you think about it. While most homeless people are hustling for their next crack rock, this guy had dedicated himself to educating me on Carmen Electra’s tits. Then he pissed on my shoe when I started to avoid him.

Anywhooters, these are Carmen Electra shots promoting the Crazy Horse Paris Las Vegas. I hope your parents go see the show and it inspires your Mom to explore her risque side with your Dad. Oh and I hope you (and your drunk friends) accidentally walk it to witness it.

High five?

Carmen ElectraCarmen ElectraCarmen ElectraCarmen ElectraCarmen Electra

Update: Here’s some uncensored video of her dancing at the Crazy Horse. I didn’t bother to censor it because the quality is one step above a scrambled cable porn movie. h/t World of Isaac

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