Earlier today during last call I implied that there was something brewing in Bristol. I thought this whole ordeal would blow over until at least Monday. Clearly that’s not the case as I’ve never been compelled to write a post on a Friday night at 11:30.

While to most of the world, these Erin Andrews videos are “new”. That’s not the case whatsoever. These videos have been sitting on Dailymotion.com for over 4 months. So for anyone claiming that these videos were “leaked” in coincidence with the now famous ESPY dress, you’re just plain wrong.

These videos have been sitting on the Internet, widely available to anyone willing to click on the video tab in Google after searching “Erin Andrews” with safe search turned off.

How these videos flew under the radar for so long is beyond me, beyond the fact that nobody had a concrete source for the videos or could verify that the videos were indeed of Erin Andrews.

That all changed today when ESPN’s general counsel sent and email to NSFWPOA.com requesting to take the videos down. Jaws dropped as this was basically an acknowledgment that the videos were of Erin Andrews.

In the late afternoon Deadspin ran a piece on the videos and the email from ESPN, and then something peculiar happened. Erin Andrews released a statement via her lawyers, that she was indeed in the videos and going to rain Hell on the source.

So now we’re left with questions, and lots of them. If you’ve seen the videos or screen caps, you’ll realize that yes it resembles her but the quality is so poor that if they were not acknowledged it would have been passed off as a sophomoric Internet prank.

So now in the spirit of getting right to the point and saving everyone time and money, I’ll tell you what I have found – and what nobody else is reporting yet.

It appears that the videos were posted on Dailymotion.com by username “Goblazers1″ as early as February 17, 2009. I’ve tried to get a response from this user and they haven’t responded, and given the current threat of legal issues coming their way I doubt anyone will ever hear from this person.

So my gut instinct based on the username is that this person is a Portland Trailblazers fan. So the next question is has Erin ever been in the Portland, Oregon area? Yes. She was there in 2008 for the USC-Oregon State football game on September 25, 2008.

However, that is a pretty generic username. Could there be another place where someone would root for a Blazer? Try the University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers. While Andrews probably didn’t cover a Blazers game, the ESPN College Gameday crew was in Alabama for the week 5 Tennessee-Auburn tilt and the week 14 Auburn-Alabama game. Both of these games, and their surrounding hotels, are in Blazer Country.

Sure you might think I’m going on all assumptions here, but some of the videos on Daily Motion are geotagged. Some are tagged with Atlanta, some are tagged with an obscure college outside Waco, Texas and others are geotagged, ahem, right outside of Montgomery, Alabama. [see screen shots below]

So if the Erin Andrews wrecking crew is looking for a place to start, I recommend checking the hotel records for her recent stays in the Montgomery area. Get the room number, the employee records, and so on. This case should be closed by next week.

Update: In some of the videos the source code has “Erin Andrews” in it, implying that the original files were named something along the lines of erin-andrews-view-in-original-forma_sexy.wmv. This is what was picked up by Google and one of the reasons why this video the video shows up in the Google Video search tab.


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