It’s Monday morning, and we are nearly one week into the Erin Andrews peephole video scandal. For those of you lucky enough to be without a computer this weekend while enjoying some nice Summer weather, read these posts for a recap of what has transpired thus far.

Over the weekend, this scandal has set the Internet on fire with people searching for the videos. Erin Andrews related search terms have been dominating Google Trends for the past few days, and even “Aaron Andrews” has crept his way onto the charts. As a result, opportunist saw this as a chance to start infecting computers with malware (see the story on Sophos) by creating fake pages that claimed to have the Erin Andrews peephole video. In a way, I guess it’s sweet justice seeing as you’re looking for a video that violated someone’s privacy.

Now the video is old news. Everyone knows it was Erin in the video, and I’m sure everyone who cares has seen it. This story is now about another person – the original source.

The video was uploaded in February to the French website by username Goblazers1. We don’t know for sure that he was the person who shot the video, but common sense indicates it. No location was given in the profile beyond indicating that it was a United States resident, and the profile stated that he is a 49 year old man.

Below I’ve included a screen shot of Goblazers1′s profile page which has since been deleted. As you can see, the featured video entitled “Hot Blonde (view in original format)” is in the top right hand corner. That was one of the Erin Andrews peephole videos. This person was brazen enough to not only publish these videos to the Internet, but also to make it the featured video and the first thing you saw on his profile.

Also there were 7 total videos of Erin Andrews which he uploaded – twice. I don’t have screen shots to prove this, but if I recall he uploaded the first batch in February and the second batch in March. I think it’s clear that he wanted these videos to be seen.

Erin Andrews wasn’t this peeping tom’s only victim. The account contained a total of 40 voyeur videos of a several different women. One video entitled “Asian Delight” had a description indicating that she was a hot Asian flight attendant. Could this indicate that the location is a hotel near an airport, given that a flight attendant would likely be staying one night and leaving the following morning? Also, if memory serves me right all of these videos were not shot of the same room.

Now in regards to how these videos were captured, everyone is speculating that they were done from the hallway of a hotel, looking in through the peep hole. However, I don’t think that’s the case at all. In one of the videos you hear a door shut, and a man and a woman talking. Yet the peeping tom is unphased and doesn’t move. There’s no way that he would have kept filming if it was being shot from a hallway.

I’ve done my best to try and track down the source of this video, and what better way to do that than by emailing Goblazers1 on, right? Well I did get a response, which you’ll see below. Unfortunately he was not willing to say that he shot the video, or that it was Erin Andrews, but he is definitely aware of what is going on. As a matter of fact I believe he deleted his Daily Motion account himself, and not it appears he might be peddling the video for cash to TMZ.

The last tidbit of information that I’ll throw out there is this one. I’m not 100% sure of what contributes to the URL structure of videos or playlists on Dailymotion, but do you notice anything peculiar about these two (which led to a video of Erin Andrews)?

Update: I decided to test out the Dailymotion url structure by changing my name in the account to Igor Stravinsky. I then uploaded two videos and created a playlist titled “Las Vegas”. The names don’t mean anything, I just needed some unique identifiers. Here is the link that was generated….

So based on this the url structure is Unfortunately this is a dead end, as I figured out that another user (rickgara) had a video uploaded by Goblazers1 in their playlist (seen here but the videos have been deleted.

Goblazers1 profile pageemail

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