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This probably isn’t breaking news to my readers, as I know the majority of you subscribe to Contraception Magazine, but a recent study in their June issue says the “withdrawal method” is almost as effective as a male condom. Wow, who was the guy behind this study? Wait, it was a chick?

The lead author, Rachel K. Jones, a senior research associate at the Guttmacher Institute, which studies reproductive health matters, said she and her co-authors were motivated to write the paper because it seemed to them the pullout method was getting short shrift.

“We had all noticed that social science researchers and health care providers just kind of dismiss withdrawal and don’t seem to realize that it can prevent pregnancy,” Ms. Jones said. “Most people seem to be under the impression that you might as well do nothing.”

Do people really think that? Like, if you don’t have a condom you just fire away and keep your fingers crossed? That’s sounds like someone trying to score an appearance on Maury Povich, not someone who is responsible enough to be getting laid.


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