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Hi CBS research team. Congratulations on finally doing some research and I’m assuming landing on this site. You’re assumption that this is a sports blog is flattering but I prefer men’s entertainment portal, because we cover everything and anything that’s remotely entertaining or repulsive.

My only question is why are you guys interviewing that guy in the cool black t-shirt? Why not go right to the guy who has been covering this story from day one? Just because this guy knows how to plug in “goblazers1″ in and Google doesn’t make him an expert. Oh, and what was that expert insight he gave – the inside job/ESPN cameraman theory. Where did he pick that up, TMZ?

My favorite part of this video has to be the dude from Wired with his cellphone. Mystery solved, it had to have been an ESPN crew member with a Blackberry.

Seriously, these clowns are making me feel like Agent Smecker – minus the cuddling with dudes part.

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