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It’s been a full week now since I’ve been writing about this story, and almost two since I caught a whiff of it. With the mainstream media trying to play catch on the Erin Andrews peephole video scandal, a lot of things have become so twisted and turned that as much as it probably turns your stomach – the New York Post is becoming the most reliable source in the mainstream media for information on this scandal.

Now before you dismiss this notion based on the reputation that precedes the Post, you need to realize who they’ve been getting their information from. While they might throw a bit of their own spin on things, you need to realize one thing about the New York Post. They get it. They’re the only one in MSM that understands that it’s ESPN’s fault that Erin Andrews was forced to say that this video was of her. If it wasn’t for the tiff between ESPN and the Post, the rest of MSM would probably jump on the bandwagon to support this, but now that will never happen given that everything the Post prints looks like sour grapes.

That being said, it’s time to do some more theory debunking and dart throwing.

An ESPN Employee Did It

If you saw this post I did last night, you’ll see that CBS had an “expert” on the Early Show to give his opinion. He stated that it was likely an inside job and someone very close to her. I’m not buying it at all as this theory was fabricated by TMZ because they had nothing exclusive to report. This spread like wildfire and quickly it went from TMZ speculation to MSM outlets reporting that the inside job theory was “gaining strength”.

Well, I did some digging and I found an ESPN employee who was willing to talk.

Pretty much of all time for Gameday you don’t know where you’ll be going until sometimes as late as Monday afternoon. So you can imagine how hard it is for ESPN to book 50 hotel rooms on such a short notice. And consider that you’re usually going to small college towns where every hotel has been booked for months.

For example, in week 4 at Auburn, basically the entire crew stayed an hour away in Columbus, GA. I can’t remember the name of the hotel. Funny thing about that town I remember it being home to some military base and the hotel was in a gay district.

At the same time, ESPN will pull strings and try to find a few rooms near site/campus for talent. The thing with EA, she’s really just one of the guys and not picky, bitchy or an asshole when it comes to hotels, food, transportation, etc. As compared to most talent-like Fowler/Herbstreit. So find it no surprise if she has stayed in shady hotels/motels.

When you travel just about every week, it’s hard to remember where you were and where exactly you stayed. You’re basically working the whole time and barely at the hotel.

The biggest piece of information that I pull from this is the fact that the ESPN crew doesn’t always stay in the same hotel together and they also find out their schedule on short notice. Given that we know that the videos were not shot using a door peephole and a Blackberry (thanks Wired), there was some preparation involved. Tack on the fact that these people actually in the hotel that much because they are working at a stadium an hour away, that doesn’t leave a huge window for someone to get a peephole set up. The window shrinks even further when you account for the time when Andrews would have been in her room and would have noticed a drill bit coming through the wall.

“Sorry maam, I was just drilling a hole to hang a photo of my wife! I do it at every hotel I stay at.”

It was an Erin Andrews stalker who’s fanaticism was fueled by the Internet frat house.

Without a doubt, people love to look at pictures of Erin Andrews on the Internet. Just like they would look at photos of any other attractive female, whether she be a sportscaster, a Playmate, a Maxim Hometown hottie, the latest sex scandal teacher, or some random woman with a disgruntle ex-boyfriend. The Internet is not what caused this to happen.

The individual who videoed her did not follow her around the country. There were six video clips, all shot of her in the same hotel room, which were on Daily Motion. Once this story broke, those clips were made into a five minute compilation complete with the Sportscenter theme song at the end. So any talk you hear of more video is just someone referring to a smaller portion of the compilation that you “haven’t seen yet”.

Now as you will see below, the user Goblazers1 had a total of 40 videos uploaded to his account. This is the earliest known source of the videos on the Internet (which he has since removed), and Erin Andrews was not the only woman this individual had peeped on. As you will see in these exclusive screen shots that can only be found on Donchavez.com, one of the rooms have a likeness to that of the room Erin Andrews was filmed in.

However, one thing is for sure, not all of these peep holes were in the same location. So this could indicated that Goblazers1 has several peep holes at his disposal, is a traveling peeping tom that has other voyeurs who let him uses their peep holes, or he is a collector of voyeur footage.

Erin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole PhotosErin Andrews Peephole Photos

So in conclusion..

ESPN is off the hook for having a dirty camera man, but still needs to be held accountable for outing the video. There’s still a really creepy pervert still on the loose. Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit are high maintenance. Being ESPN’s travel agent must suck. And finally, if you want all the facts on this scandal, you can keep checking back here, and on Deadspin.

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