Mike Ditka

Flagstaff police are on the hunt for a man who alleged tried to kidnap a woman while wearing nothing but a pair of brown socks.

The woman was walking near East Lockett Road and North Patterson Boulevard around 2:30 p.m. when a man inside an SUV drove up from behind. The man reportedly told the woman he was naked and masturbating, said Sgt. Michael Terrin, a Flagstaff Police Department spokesman.

Police said the woman declined and continued walking.

The man drove on, and then turned around to wait for the woman. The driver again drove toward the woman, then got out of his SUV wearing only brown socks and grabbed the woman, repeatedly saying, “Come on baby, get in the car.”

The suspect tried to force the woman inside and she yelled and fough back by kicking, scratching and slapping him, Terrin said. The man let go of her, got back in his vehicle and fled west on Lockett Road.

There’s no denying that the incident is scary as hell. However, there is a funny twist to the story. As you can see from the police sketch of the attempted kidnapper (see above), there’s a striking resemblance to someone but I just can’t put my finger on it. Hmm. Wait a second – is that Ditka? Where do I collect my $1,000 cash reward?

Via AZ Central

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