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leah lust aka Tiffany Shepherd

In 2008, Tiffany Shepherd made headlines when she was fired from her Florida teaching job after some pics of her surfaced on a fishing charter site wearing of all things – a bikini. The pictures were harmless (as you can see here) and it looked like there was no real reason to fire Shepherd.

After losing her teaching gig, Shepherd had trouble finding work and lost her children in a custody battle. So following the recommendation of her former boss (the captain of the fishing charter), she started doing porn under the name Leah Lust. The best part is the fact that she did a flick for (NSFW), which everyone knows isn’t an accredited school.

After the break I’ve post a few pics of Tiffany Shepherd (as Leah Lust). It took some solid editing, two watermelons, and a geoduck for me to make these pictures safe for work, yet they’re probably the dirtiest safe for work images on the Internet. Well let me rephrase that. The images are safe for work. Anything NSFW is purely be generated by the perverted lobe of your brain.




marisa miller

If these pictures of Marisa Miller can’t brighten up the last Monday of August, then you’re pretty much hopeless.

marisa millermarisa millermarisa millermarisa millermarisa millermarisa millermarisa miller


Amber Rose

Some of you might remember this chick from a couple weeks ago. Her name is Amber Rose and she’s a pawn in the Kanye West publicity whoring machine.

Well here she is at Tao in sunny Las Vegass, and she’s added a new feature to her dickhead hairstyle. Yep, she added the Men In Black contact lenses to her repertoire. You can’t tell from these photos, but she actually from the sides of her eyes instead of from the top and the bottom.

Amber RoseAmber RoseAmber RoseAmber RoseAmber RoseAmber RoseAmber RoseAmber RoseAmber RoseAmber RoseAmber RoseAmber Rose


lori loughlin

I think from now on, I’ll just refer to all TV actors and actresses by their most prominent roles. I mean if I wrote “Lori Loughlin still has it”, you’d be like “who?”

So anyway, here is Becky Katsopolis, without Uncle Jessie, looking like a fine POA.

lori loughlinlori loughlinlori loughlinlori loughlinlori loughlinlori loughlinlori loughlinlori loughlinlori loughlin


Naomi Priestly

Wow. Good for Brandon Walsh. Despite all of the drama in his life (the gambling, the drinking and driving, that crazy bitch Emily Valentine, etc.) he was able to convince this make-up artist (Naomi Lowde) to be his wife. I think from these pictures it’s obvious that he’s a breast man.

In all seriousness these pictures are from Jason Priestly’s 40th birthday party in Las Vegas. And by seriousness, I mean do you think Priestly wakes up his woman with a motorboat every morning?

Naomi PriestlyNaomi PriestlyNaomi PriestlyNaomi Priestly