Talk about a Summer full of scandals. Here I was thinking that we were going to cruise through July and August with nothing substantial to write about, and the Internet has been blowing up with mainstream sleaze like the newspapers were dying or something. Pfft.

So if you check out Deadspin and Busted Coverage, you’ll see that it has come to light that Annette Gray O’Leary, the wife of former Red Sox left fielder Troy O’Leary, has found herself amidst a scandal. Somehow it was discovered that Annette, while on a leave of absence from being an assistant princi-pal at an elementary school, was moonlighting as the escort “Taya Taylor”. But wait, there’s more!

There’s no way I could let this parade pass by without doing some research, because we all know that where there’s a naughty asssistant principal, there’s always a naughty website. So let’s start with the her description on her own site (thanks Google cache) Tayataylor.com

My name is Taya. I am your true GFE experience. I am loving, gentle, and tender if that’s what you need. I am also willing to take charge and fulfill your fantasies with sophistication and class. I am open-minded and willing to fulfill your every desire. I am experienced enough to know exactly how to please a man. I never rush. I take my time to please you and you will know that you have my undivided attention. My smile will charm you and my green eyes will mesmerize you. I am addicting, so you’ve been warned. I enjoy talking and cuddling but also love a good night of unbridled passion and lust.

I’ve had such pleasure entertaining and traveling with couples! I understand the sensitive nature of sharing your partner and I am able to be sensitive to both of your needs. I also understand that couples are often looking for uninhibited fun and new ways to explore and enjoy each other. I love to take on the role of Pleasure Adventure Guide to help couples communicate their interests and needs. Please tell me as much or as little about your relationship and interests when you contact me as you wish. I request a two-hour minimum meeting with couples as I’ve found that an hour is just never enough!

I am discreet and respectful, and I expect the same from you. I enjoy dinner dates and charity affairs. I hold two degrees so I can morph into any social setting or engagement.

I love to travel. I love all foods and attempt to speak some Spanish when given the opportunity. I’m learning… I enjoy the symphony and the theater, concerts and shows. I will satisfy your every need.

Wow. A genuine pleasure adventure guide with two degrees, what more could you ask for? I don’t know, maybe some fetish and fantasy play?

I like to play. I find it difficult to apply labels to the sorts of play that interest me. What I’ve learned about my own sexuality is that I have a lot more to experience and learn- and learning is so much more fun with friends!

So I am adventurous and enjoy light domme. I invite you to join me on these adventures. You may have had experiences in the past that you’re sure you like and you’d like to teach me how to share with you. Or perhaps you’re not sure what you might like, but you’re certain that you’re ready to try something new. I’m open to different options!

I am skilled at communicating about our interests and boundaries and I’m sensitive to your need for privacy and compassion when exploring new forms of play.

I enjoy light domme, but if you’re looking for a serious Domina who is able to take on a role of superiority and sincerely dominate you, I can recommend friends/ And yeah, if you catch me on the right day I may be able to invoke sincere anger and channel a dominant being. But more than likely, you can expect there to be a lot of laughter and goofing off while playing with me. I mean, that is why they call it ‘playing’ right?

Yowzers, I hope old Troy was never subjected to the old ball gag/bring out the gimp treatment.

But Taya’s time wasn’t restricted to being an escort. She also spent time on (don’t go to these sites if you’re at work dickweed) peekshow.com and rude.com under the username TAYAVIXXENS. That’s right, for what I’m sure was a couple of bucks a minute you could have enjoyed Taya Taylor streaming right on your desktop. Her profile has been removed from peekshow, but you can see her Rude profile here (screenshot below in case it gets removed).

One thing I noticed is that Taya claimed to be in the age range of 27-30 on most of her escort profiles. Well on her Rude profile she states that she’s 39, which according to my research of her real name (Annette O’Leary) checks out. So while we don’t see her face in the profile pick, the birthdate, username, and location all match up.

So to wrap this up until someone emails me videos of Taya, I’ve posted some new pictures of Taya Taylor below. My favorite one has to be the naughty teacher photos. Ironic, don’t you think?

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Busted Coverage has more on rates and availability.

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