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I just happened to be wasting some time on when I saw this touching story of a guy who set up a website for his friend in order to help him find a chick. Basically, the article was written by a friend of the friend because the website really doesn’t have much to it other than a few picture of “Jason”. So while this gets spun into some cutesy heart touching chick flick type store, I thought I’d dump a bucket of reality on it.

“Dating [stinks] in Boston,’’ he said. “Jason is a normal, stand-up guy. He’s got a graduate degree. To meet someone in a bar – it’s pretty tough.’’

Josh said he wouldn’t develop a website for just any friend. He said he truly believes that Jason is a good-hearted person who would be a fantastic partner.

“If I didn’t think that, I’d be slimy,’’ Josh said.

I asked Josh if I could talk to Jason. I understood the shyness, but I wanted to speak with him. Josh brokered a deal for a quick phone chat.

When I called, Jason was friendly but hesitant. He explained that he didn’t even know Josh had made a website on his behalf until he heard about it from friends.

“My first reaction was sheer terror,’’ Jason said. “My second reaction was that I was mortified.’’

Jason went on to say that as much as he wanted to hide under the covers after seeing Josh’s site, he was a bit curious to see what it would accomplish. He was in a long-term relationship that ended a while back. Since then, it’s been difficult for him to get out there.

Let me start with this. Men don’t “hide under covers” unless there is a women under the covers in which case it’s more like getting some ass. Second, dating in Boston only sucks if you have no game. And by no game, I mean you hang out with five friends every weekend, you sit in the corner and have the waitress bring you beers, and only get up to take a piss.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there’s this novel concept of talking that actually makes chicks wet. I’m not talking about throwing around cheesy lines, but just having a conversation. On top of that, there’s the fact that every chick knows within 60 seconds whether or not she’d sleep with you, and I’m talking about whether she’d sleep with you the first night you meet, or three years from when you meet…she knows right away.

Third, if fruity drinks like the one above are your beverage of choice you might consider prostitution. It’ll save you the embarrassment of having chicks laugh in your face.

Last of all, who the fuck tries to get laid with a blogspot website and a PR campaign? If you want to get laid using the Internet, there are about 100 better ways to do it. Jebus, just look at this list…

So what do you guys think? Does this guy deserve to get laid or should a transexual screw with him and meet him for a blind date?

Would you date Jason? –

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