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megan fox

Is this lady crazy? You don’t give Megan Fox a ticket! If anything, you maybe ask her to step out of the car and spread’em. Then you give her a casual pat down to make sure she’s not carrying any concealed weapons, then you let her go.

megan foxmegan foxmegan foxmegan foxmegan foxmegan foxmegan foxmegan foxmegan foxmegan fox


stacy keibler

Stacy Keibler hosted some fantasy football party in Las Vegas. I really don’t understand how fantasy football ties into Las Vegas because if you’re in Las Vegas you can, umm, actually bet on games. I’ve always contended that fantasy football is for pussies.


Because a fantasy football player can’t handle the degeneracy that goes with gambling. The two missed mortgage payments and eating Ramen Noodles for three weeks straight until you catch the Patriots covering three weeks in a row, where you double down each week. That takes stones my friends. So spare me your precious stat padding dreams.

Speaking of which, if you’re a degenerate gamble, feel free to email me any stories you have. I’ll be sharing a wonderful tale of how I spun a $100 bonus into $5,000 with you guys in a few weeks. It’s a heart warming story that involves backdoor covers, and me getting raped – figuratively.

Oh ya, so Keibler looks fucking hot as usual.

stacy keiblerstacy keiblerstacy keiblerstacy keiblerstacy keiblerstacy keiblerstacy keibler


Truck Of Awesomeness

Posted by Don Chavez in Blog


I think I just found my desktop wallpaper for the month of September. How do you look at this and not laugh? It’s just all around funny between the visual tea bagging, the sticker, and the fact that this guy suffers through live by driving a Dodge.

Don’t even get me started on my Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler rant. They could offer me $20k a month to advertise on this site, and I’d take the money and go buy a Ford and write about how great it is.

So I guess my point is that I’m a slut when it comes to money, and I want to play one guy/one (Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler) with their shitty product.


kelly brook Well not really. After all, if you stopped staring at them, she wouldn’t make any money, and would be forced into a life of reckless prostitution just to support her nasty Louis Vuitton habit.


Megan Hauserman

The amazing thing about Megan Hauserman is not the fact that she was able to avoid being the recipient of a free permanent toothless and fingerless vacation in a dumper, but it’s the fact that she’s actual made a living doing reality TV. I mean she’s probably more of a working actress than most of the other skanks in Hollywood, and there’s no way it has anything to do with her willingness to suck on your Ben Hogan (NSFW).

Megan HausermanMegan HausermanMegan HausermanMegan HausermanMegan HausermanMegan HausermanMegan Hauserman