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You know how I knew this video was fake? Because there’s no way that a) this guy is married, b) he has the kind of cash to hire two good looking chicks to play strip poker with him, and c) could be married to someone who would be down to play strip poker with those two chicks.

You see in real life that guy is most likely single, but if he wasn’t, the three women involved would be phenomenally disgusting. I’m talking gunts, bad teeth, annoying voices…basically it would by like three Roseann Barrs.


The Road Show Trifecta

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It’s the road show because the Mexican is moving and is going to have shitty Internet access starting right now. You know what that means? Plenty of old ladies being disgusting as I search for “dumper” photos while using Starbucks for free Internet access.

I’ll still be posting for the rest of the week, but it’s likely going to come without my shitty sense of humor – or the abbreviated version. This should only affect like 1% of you, because I know that most of you don’t come here for the articles.


victoria silvstedt

Ha – I caught you old man! Didn’t think anyone would see it, but you’re clearly checking out Victoria Silvstedt’s out-door plumbing.

victoria silvstedt victoria silvstedt victoria silvstedt victoria silvstedt


Katie Price Does The Kid Thing

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Katie Price

Katie Price has kids? Really? I feel bad for them because they’re going to be the kids in high school with the mom that everyone wants to bang or at least look down her shirt. But hey at least she spends time with them right?

Oh, and don’t act like you’re not thinking the same thing that I’m thinking. Her kid definitely looks like him.

Katie PriceKatie PriceKatie Price Katie Price


jennifer ellison

I was going to crop these pictures of Jennifer Ellison so that you couldn’t see that she was about to pop, but I thought I’d be doing a disservice to the three of you who have a pregnant chick fetish. So for those of you get you’re wife knocked up and think it makes her look hotter, these pictures are for you.

For everyone else, I suggest just using your hand or some newspaper to cover up the preggers part on the screen and you’ve just got yourself some photos of a hot chick with boob salad.

Jennifer EllisonJennifer Ellisonjennifer ellison