nicole eggert

Now it all makes sense. Yesterday I posted some scary photos of Nicole Eggert looking like a Rosie O’Donnell body double in a bikini. We’ll good news just came my way. She’s officially part of the new season of Celebrity Fit Club. That’s right, that bangin’ body is on it’s way back, and it won’t be long before she’s snapping necks again.

So for all you scum bags out in Hollywoodland, nows the time to cozy up to Eggert while she’s still plump and has zero self-confidence. She’ll grow emotionally attached to you, then when she drops the weight and is a hot ass cougar she won’t dump your ass. Oh, and if she does just try to dump you, just fatten her up again to keep her self-confidence in check. Not too fat though, because they don’t give you two shots at Celebrity Fit Club, and she’ll have to work the weight off on her own.

nicole eggertnicole eggertnicole eggertnicole eggert

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