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kim kardashian huge ass

I’m pretty sure it’s 9021-Hoe. Zing. Try the veal folks, and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

I don’t care what you say, the only difference between Kim Kardashian’s ass and the one with the Ed Hardy shirt is a pair of heels. That and a sick PR team.


Best Man Has Seizure

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Best Man Has Epileptic Fit During Wedding – Watch more Funny Videos

If this video is real then I think it’s clear that the groom missed his cue. Isn’t it obvious that the best man is trying to create a distraction so that his buddy can escape? Nobody wants to be one vagina for the rest of their life (engaged), and even worse is being zero vaginas for the rest of your life (married – h/t to Louis CK).


Hired Help Dumper

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hired help

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Oktoberfest Bewbs

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anna kournikova bikini

The pics are from the earlier part of the decade, but to be honest with you I don’t give a shit. Anna Kournikova is a piece of ass, and my policy on Kournikova pictures is that if they haven’t been posted here before, then they go up. Doesn’t matter what year they’re from, as long as she’s not posing with her make believe boyfriend.

More of Anna after the break.